About Niao Er

Before Niao Er was formed, each of us was finding our way in the grueling nature of workplace. We were young, ready to explore, and grow. We soon came to know each other in Penang by chance and soon discovered we shared the same passion, values, and goals in life. The idea then came to join forces and form our very own Niao Er Design, a startup aimed at providing creative solutions to customers in digital media.

As we thought about a name that symbolized us, we looked up into the sky and saw how high the birds flew. We knew at that moment that was what we wanted to be- free men flying high and wide to achieve their dreams, regardless of what others said. Therefore, we seek to help others who share this same passion too- to bring your business across boundaries and soar above every obstacle that may come.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create creative designs that satisfy your needs and inspire others to expand their own creativity. We always strive to set the new trend and create beautiful designs.

Our Vision

We want to establish ourselves as an influence in new media as a source of inspiration to fellow designers and offer the best solutions to brands who need our services.